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Special cargo

Special Cargo

The success of a project depends on the planning and management of the project cargo involved in equipments transportation from one place to another.

GENIUS AFRIKA LOGISTICS provides services in project cargo planning and transportation of heavy, oversized and difficult to handle equipments that needs proper execution for shipment.

We offer a full range of premium projects handling services. Our office is located in Dakar to handle all coordination and planning for projects in the region and worldwide.

We provide project planning for heavy, oversized, tug and barge, and difficult-to-handle cargoes, which requires detailed and precise execution for shipment.

Our project team provides a large panel of services that include site and road surveys for feasibility, transport and carrier options from factory to site, loading and stowage assistance.

All Cargoes undergo customs clearance are processed quickly as well.

Our special cargo services includes but not limited to:

  • Site and road survey for feasibility
  • Transportation option from the factory to the site
  • Loading, storage and unloading
  • Proper and timely customs clearance and documentation
  • Full and less truckload (FTL and LTL) cargo
  • Physical or electronic escort freight across West Africa
  • Warehousing during trans-loading and freight consolidation

Industry Covered

Genius Afrika Logistics is more than logistics.
We can also optimize your packaging, manage your materials sourcing, and so much more.


Transportation within the mining industry commonly involves managing multimodal we have the capabilities to move supplies by land, air, sea or rail. We gained experience shipping mining freight to and from remote destinations and handling project cargo through multimodal transport.

Solar Energy

Whether you need a reliable shipping partner to help manage a large solar power plant project or to handle all of your warehousing and deliveries, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to meet your standards.

Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry relies on shipping companies and third party logistics providers to move complicated freight shipments around the world.We provide the oil & Gas logistics and transport services necessary to get your equipment where they need to be in record time.

Automative Company

To ensure the delivery of inbound raw materials and finished products to end users, we tackle all aspects of your logistical challenges so you can meet your deadlines.

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