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Packaging & Storage

Packaging & Storage

GENIUS AFRIKA LOGISTICS designs wooden crates for fragile equipments packing transportation or storage purposes and usage of correct primary protective packing materials to protect the equipment from moisture, corrosion and excessive shock during the transportation.

GENIUS AFRIKA LOGISTICS employs professional packers and experienced who are trained packing and packaging. We specialize in handling fragile, heavy, oversized cargo.

We use materials like craft paper, corrugated rolls & boxes, air bubble pack rolls, treated wood etc. depending the requirements. All boxes, crates and skids are designed for shape and weight contents.

All materials which do not require immediate shipping or delivery can be stored in our facilities. Indoor storage is provided for materials requiring covered-space or outside if not required.

Our storage facilities are equipped  with fire Sprinkler and CCTV surveillance system.

Our air packing & storage services include but not limited to:

  • Custom Wood Crating
  • Pre-Fabrication of Boxes
  • Receiving and checking Materials Received
  • Stowage, Unloading, loading

Our packing team provides sufficient blocking, bracing, saddling and cushioning to minimize the risk of damage.

Industry Covered

Genius Afrika Logistics is more than logistics.
We can also optimize your packaging, manage your materials sourcing, and so much more.

Personal effects

Yes, we ship household goods or personal belongings means international shipping of not-commercial goods that are not for sale with cost-effective

Healthcare Center

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Tailored packing

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